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Frequently Asked questions

  • Q. Why is the price higher than other brands?

  • The price is not high relative to the product quality and durability. The quality is of European standard with ISO 9002 certification.

  • Q. What guarantee or warranty are you giving on the chairs?

  • Our chairs come with a minimum warranty of 3 and up to 10 years for some specialised chairs.

  • Q. Do you import your products?

  • No, we don’t import the complete chairs. We only import mechanism and other highly technical parts. It is then completed with local contents of international standard.

  • Q. Do you produce/manufacture?

  • Yes, we produce from our factory with highly sophisticated machines and internationally trained personnel.

  • Q. Do you produce variety?

  • Yes, we have the capability to produce over 400 models in over 120 different colours. They come as Executive, Operator/Task, Visitor, Lounge & Reception.

  • Q. How durable are the chairs?

  • They are very durable. You can sit on them “forever”!

  • Q. What are the processes of production?

  • Fabrics cutting, sewing, gluing, pressing and assembling.

  • Q. Is product quality same as that of SOKOA SA France?

  • Our product is the same. We operate using the same production processes and equipment.

  • Q. Are the foams imported?

  • No, they are manufactured in conformity with international specifications and precut by Mouka Foam Nigeria Limited.

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